Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Lone Ranger trailer

Oh look, another Johnny Depp wearing tons of makeup movie.

I actually respect you as an actor, Johnny Depp. Brad Pitt, DiCaprio, Clooney, Matt Damon... they're all, at the very least, continuing to work with interesting directors to make interesting movies even if they don't always work. Johnny Depp? He works with the same rotation of directors: Tim Burton and Gore Verbinski.

You're better than this. I know it. You're an interesting, entertaining screen presence. You were great in Once Upon a Time in Mexico and Public Enemies even if those movies weren't exactly up to snuff.

You're approaching 50, yet you look 30. You could probably retain solid leading man status for another decade. Why don't you take advantage of this?

You're working with Verbinski, Bruckheimer, and Disney yet again. This basically looks like Pirates of the Caribbean in the Wild West. It could be entertaining, but I'm really getting sick of this.

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