Monday, February 18, 2013

Short reviews: NO and Sound City

Man I've been slacking lately...

Sound City

Dave Grohl's Sound City is a wonderful documentary about remembering the things that make you who you are, appreciating the human element that goes along with making music, a great discussion on analog vs. digital recording, and the history of a legendary music studio. That Grohl is able to handle all of these ideas and make a great documentary out of it is deserving of praise alone. Grohl is just a musician who really wanted to make a documentary about a studio he owes his whole career to. That passion comes through and it ends with a series of performances from Grohl, his Foo Fighters bandmates, Stevie Nicks, Rick Springfield, Trent Reznor, Josh Homme, and Paul fucking McCartney. Sound City is available on itunes. See it now!!!

Grade: A-


Nominated for Best Foreign Language film at the Oscars, NO stands no chance against Amour but perhaps it should. Gael Garcia Bernal, one of my favorite actors of the last decade, stars as an ad man who spearheads the 1988 NO campaign. To garner international support, Chilean dictator Pinochet is pressured into turning his country into a democracy so in 1988 they hold a referendum, whether to vote YES to Pinochet or NO. Voting NO would signify the end of a 15 year dictatorship. Shot in an aesthetic that would make you believe the film was made in 1988, Bernal carries the film effortlessly as his character, Rene, plays a large part in the NO campaign succeeding. The "yes" and "no" sides had to make 15-minute advertisements every day for about a month to help the people make an informed vote. Director Pablo Larrian does an outstanding job deftly balancing the comedy and the drama while also utilizing an interesting style that almost immediately sucks you into that time period.

Grade: A-

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