Friday, August 2, 2013

"American Hustle" trailer

Well, this looks pretty damn good. Christian Bale, Jeremy Renner, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Michael Pena, etc. etc.... what a hot cast. Then you have director David O. Russell who has really been in a groove these past few years with crowd pleasers such as "The Fighter" and "Silver Linings Playbook." "American Hustle" looks like it could be his best yet.

I'm surprised by how quickly this film was able to get made. I'm pretty sure filming didn't start until the beginning of the year and they only wrapped a couple months ago. It's got a December 25th release date so there's still time for them to really nail things in the editing room. Still, who expected a trailer for "American Hustle" this soon? There's films that finished shooting when "American Hustle" BEGAN shooting... and we haven't seen anything from them yet. Good stuff. I hope David O. Russell keeps plugging away, making movie after movie.

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