Sunday, August 2, 2015

What will Ken be watching in August?

I don't know if you can tell from my increased activity these past few months, but I'm sort of in a groove. I'm in the right mindset. KenonCinema is halfway towards its sixth year of existence and I feel rejuvenated.

I do have grad school starting at the end of the month, but that shouldn't prevent me from watching movies and writing about them. After nearly six year, my natural inclination is to write about the newly released movies I've seen.

But with that in mind, with this being my last completely free month before I get bogged down with grad school obligations, here's what I plan to watch/review for August...

Theatrical releases:
End of the Tour
Ricki and the Flash
Diary of a Teenage Girl
Man from UNCLE
Straight Outta Compton
Mistress America
American Ultra (eh, maybe)
Digging for Fire (may not get to this til September)
She's Funny That Way (may not get to until September)

Run All Night
Jupiter Ascending
What We Do in the Shadows
Get Hard

I live in Orange County so some of these are dependent on when some of those limited releases will reach my area. But that's what my slate looks like. Skipping Fantastic Four, The Gift, Cop Car, and Hitman. Z for Zachariah too. Some of those I might catch when they're available to rent. Then, of course, there are the movies I might get assigned from The Playlist. So, hope to have an even busier month, writing-wise, than the last two. That's the goal. Because I'm not sure how it'll be for me once grad school starts. I'll still watch/review the major September movies I want to see, but I'll have to split up my time more for other things.

I bring all this up because I officially started KenonCinema in January 2010, four months after I graduated Penn State. I was 22, living in State College, PA. I worked at a library, I was just about to get engaged. So much has happened to me since then but this site has been the constant, despite me taking hiatuses here and there. Now I'm sorta entering a new phase of my life. Don't know what'll come of it, but I expect this site to still remain a constant. Thanks for reading me and I hope to bring you more content as the year goes by.

I do shorter reviews of both old/new movies on my letterboxd page. My star ratings roughly translate to my graded reviews here, but it's not an exact science. But anyway, if you haven't heard from me on here, check my letterboxd page.

And that's all. Adios!

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