Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Most Amazing Guy in the World, starring Will Smith

What is it about Will Smith and generally big-budget Hollywood movies where the main character (played by Will Smith) either has a supernatural power that he uses to help people, is an amazing guy that everyone loves and does amazing things, is some sort of hero, or all of these rolled up into one. Recently, it's been the latter. I mean, I like Will Smith. That's the problem. How could I not like Will Smith? Every role he's in requires me to like him. Every film he chooses to star in must portray him in a very positive manner, or so it seems. His rap music is more positive than a Jonas Brothers album. He never seems to have any real substance, even in this new movie Seven Pounds. Again, another movie where Will Smith plays a great guy who changes peoples' lives for the better. Do you see the pattern here?

What's to say here? Should I be ragging on a seemingly nice person who just likes to star in movies that help boost his ego? Does it matter that he never plays a character that challenges the audience to like him? Or a character that's... a bad guy?

It was fun while it lasted, but ever since "I Am Legend" I'm starting to grow tired of Will Smith's act. I actually thought the Pursuit of Happyness was a good movie, but it's been downhill since then for me. Hancock was just awful and so was Legend. Now, with his new movie Seven Pounds, I have now started to realize the game he's been playing on all of us. He's brainwashing us into believing he's the greatest, nicest person in the world! Ok, maybe not. Or, at least not intentionally. Like Jerry Seinfeld would say, he's too... good. Kill somebody, for crying out loud! Murder someone in cold blood or something. Do something that will shock me, Will Smith. Stop this act. I'm growing tired of it and eventually other people will grow tired of it too. Denzel Washington and Tom Cruise eventually had to switch it up, you're gonna have to do it too. In fact, Denzel and Cruise's roles in "Training Day" and "Collateral" (respectively) are probably their strongest performances.

I just think "Seven Pounds" is going overboard, but then again, "I Am Legend" wasn't? I think killing yourself to save the human race is up there. You can't die without it affecting the whole world in a positive way, huh? Must you be the martyr? Can't you just be a nasty son of a bitch? I'm only saying this because I like you, Will Smith. And please, PLEASE, stop your son from being in a remake of "The Karate Kid." Most importantly, stay the hell away from "Oldboy." I want you to be a bad guy or a guy who challenges the audience, but let's take baby steps. We all know you'll drastically change the script so that the main guy never winds up cutting off his tongue or sleeping with his daughter. I know you too well. Either way, it'd be too disturbing to see you in a role like that. Just stay away from that. Thanks.


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