Thursday, January 20, 2011

OK, hold the goddamn phone

Hollywood, it's time to chill the hell out about Ricky Gervais's hosting duties at the Golden Globes. Was he harsh? Was he mean-spirited? Maybe if you're 12 years old. You ever hear the expression "taking the piss"? That's exactly what he was doing!

I can't tell if the overreaction to the hilarious job that Ricky Gervais did is largely the press's fault or if Hollywood really is that sensitive. Yeah, he made some jokes about Mel Gibson, Robert Downey Jr., Tim Allen, and the fact that The Tourist sucked. Big deal! I'm sure Robert Downey Jr. is doing just fine. Don't you realize that showing people that Hollywood aren't taking themselves too seriously is a GOOD thing? There's been a growing sense of discontent between Hollywood people and the commoners that perhaps people from Hollywood aren't sensing. We hear more and more negative tabloid press on random Hollywood stars. Hollywood stars who make a shitload of money for every film they make. Films of which, by the way, that aren't very good. The fact of the matter is that of the five films nominated for best drama at the Golden Globes... two were produced by a major studio. The rest? The Fighter, Black Swan, The King's Speech----all independently produced. Last year's Oscar winner? Independently produced. Slumdog, No Country---Independently produced. Great, prestige films produced by Hollywood are few and far between. The two main ones this year: Inception and The Social Network; one film came from an original mind who just had a movie make $500+ million at the box office and the other one was the result of a remarkable collaboration among producer (Rudin), writer (Sorkin), and director (Fincher). The latter film, that success of that collaborative vision is like what you'd see in the '70s. Chinatown-esque. Where Robert Evans (producer), Robert Towne (writer), and Roman Polanski (director) would come together to make a truly great film. But that's a rarity in Hollywood filmmaking! And it's sad because, check the box office receipts, The Social Network made a lot of money for a film of its stature. And yet, you'll never see Hollywood take more chances like that so the growing disconnect between audiences and mainstream films continue to grow. The big budget films that wind up making a lot money don't make so much money because of the stars anymore. So, nobody really gives a shit about stars anymore and when they see a man like Ricky Gervais saying what the rest of the country is thinking, it's very refreshing. Honestly, I've never heard so many people talk to me about the Golden Globes before Sunday. Why? Because nobody cares about the GGs. Even still, nobody cared who won any of the GGs. Ricky Gervais hosting the GGs is good for you. He gives you all personality. You should like that.

But no, you have people like Judd Apatow complaining on twitter that Ricky Gervais just "wasn't funny enough" and that he went after easy targets and was too mean-spirited for what was supposed to be "Hollywood's night." Excuse me, Mr. Apatow? Hollywood's night? It's fucking awards season. It's Hollywood's night EVERY OTHER NIGHT. And the Golden Globes are the least important awards out of all of them! It's right there with the Critics Choice Awards and slightly above the People's Choice Awards. I think we can have one night where we celebrate film and we have a great comedian up on stage taking shots at celebrities. And yes, his shots were easy targets, so why are you so offended and upset? Why was anyone surprised? They were easy targets because he'd know the audience that watch the Golden Globes would understand and laugh at the jokes.

What a shame. Judd, you have become one of them. Shame on you. You should know better. As for the rest, grow a pair. Wait 'til next year when Ricky Gervais doesn't host and nobody's watching the GGs because nobody cares. People are tired of Hollywood. They couldn't care less about a "Hollywood celebration." Save that for the Oscars. Let's the Golden Globes be the funny, black sheep of the Awards ceremonies!

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