Monday, January 2, 2012

New layout, new rating system

Kenoncinema will be having a different look and a new rating system this year.

First of all, I wanted a snazzy new layout for the blog and blogspot has added a lot of different things so I've decided to change the layout and give my boring website a different look for the new year.

Secondly, I've decided to change from a number system to a letter system in my reviews. So instead of rating a movie an 8/10, I'll grade it a B. I just feel like the grades will more accurately reflect how I evaluate the movie. I got sort of annoyed with the number system, it feels too exact.

I plan on reviewing more 2011 movies this month and I will use the old system for those movies. But starting with the 2012 movies, I will be using my new grading system.

This is basically how it'll translate...

9.6-10.0: A+
9.0-9.5: A
8.6-9.0: A-
8.5: B+
7.5-8.4: B
7.0-7.5: B-
6.5-6.9: C+
6.0-6.4: C
3.0-5.9: D+/D
Lower than a 3.0: F

I know it really doesn't matter, but just in case...

So, that's how kenoncinema will be ringing in the new year. Later in the week, I will go into some detail about what could go down as one of the best years in cinema history, 2012. So many great films to look forward to, unfortunately, not enough set release dates so we don't know what exactly is coming out. Hopefully, we'll get these questions answered soon.

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