Friday, December 7, 2012

Director Watchlist last Update of 2012

Paul Thomas Anderson, next film: INHERENT VICE, 2014? (fingers crossed)
Wes Anderson, next film: "The Grand Budapest Hotel" Late 2013/early 2014?
Sofia Coppola, next film: "The Bling Ring" 2013
Quentin Tarantino, next film: "Django Unchained" December 2012
Jason Reitman, next film: "Labor Day" 2013
Alexander Payne, next film: "Nebraska" 2013
Darren Aronofsky, next film: "Noah" March 2014
David O. Russell, next film: "American Bullshit (titled to be changed obviously)" Fall 2013
Nicolas Winding Refn, next film: "Only God Forgives" May 23rd, 2013
Lars von Trier, next film: "Nymphomaniac" 2013 (Cannes?)
The Coen Brothers, next film: "Inside Llewelyn Davis" 2013
Alejando Gonzalez Inarritu, next film: "Birdman" 2013/2014
Alfonso Cuaron, next film: "Gravity" early 2013
Pedro Almodovar, next film: "I'm So Excited" 2013
Steven Soderbergh, next film: "The Bitter Pill"  February 2013
Martin Scorsese, next film: "The Wolf of Wall Street" 2013
Steven Spielberg, next film: "Robopacolypse" Summer 2014
Edgar Wright, next film: "The World's End" October 2013
Judd Apatow, next film: "This is 40" December 2012
Woody Allen, next film: "Untitled Project set in San Francisco" 2013
Terrence Malick, next film: "To the Wonder" April 12, 2013
Noah Baumbach, next project: "Frances Ha" May 2013
Andrew Dominik, next film: "Blonde" 2014
Ridley Scott, next film: "The Counselor" 2013
Steve Mcqueen, next film: "12 Years a Slave" 2013
Guillermo del Toro, next film: "Pacific Rim" July 2013
Danny Boyle, next film: "Trance" early 2013
Neill Blomkamp, next film: "Elysium" August 2013
Peter Jackson, next film: "The Hobbit part I" December 2012
James Cameron, next film: "Avatar 2" 2015
Derek Cianfrance, next film: "The Place Beyond the Pines" March 2013
George Clooney, next film: "Monuments Men" December 2013
James Gray, next film: "Nightingale" 2013
Spike Jonze, next film: "Her" 2013

This is what we're looking at now. The future of film! A lot of interesting 2013 films, in my next post I'll break them down much like I did earlier in the year (or was that the year before, I can't even remember)

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