Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Hobbit, a short review

I should've wrote this before I saw Zero Dark Thirty as it's currently consuming my thoughts, but I must write about The Hobbit before it really leaves my mind altogether.

That sentence alone may be a good indicator about how I feel about the film. The Hobbit: An Unexpeected Journey marks Peter Jackson's return to the LOTR franchise, this time adapting the novel that marks as a prequel to the LOTR trilogy. I read The Hobbit in 8th grade, one of the first "works of literature" I enjoyed reading. So, I was excited about this film. But, splitting this one novel into three films seems to have created a bit of a problem.

Look, overall, this film isn't really that bad. The acting is as solid as it can be though nobody really stands out, nobody steals the show. There's some great set pieces, but everything kind of feels like "business as usual." The last hour of the film has some great moments, some great action sequences, but it takes so long to get to those moments.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is too long, too plodding. It's too in love with itself and unwilling to share it with those who aren't diehard fans. It's a serviceable first film of a trilogy that really could probably work as two films. Maybe Peter Jackson has more tricks up his sleeves, but this film definitely doesn't really leave much hope for anything great to come out of the next two films.

Grade: C+

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