Friday, January 11, 2013

Short "The Impossible" review

I saw "The Impossible" a few days ago and feel obligated to shed some light on the film. Juan Antonio Bayonera's film is obviously a very touching and sad story. Noami Watts and Ewan McGregor put forth great performances as do the child actors. If you don't know, the film's about an English family who vacations in Thailand during Christmas of 2004 and wind up going during one of the worst tsunamis in history. It's a very brutal, unforgiving watch. But beyond the events themselves, the characters aren't really well developed enough for you to really care about their story in particular.

You see many people in the film going through some awful times, many who can't find their loved ones. It's not hard to feel for the family depicted in the film, but I did wish the film was a bit more thorough in the character development department. Otherwise, everything I felt throughout the film were very much surface emotions. It made me sad, it made me teary-eyed, but seeing anyone go through such awful events would make you sad. I felt sad for everyone in the movie, unfortunately it didn't go deeper than that.

The film is very well-made though and again, Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor definitely convince with their performances. It's definitely worth the watch for those who are even the least bit curious, but again, this is very tough to watch.

Grade: B-

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