Monday, August 30, 2010

Brief Emmy award recap...

Who cares?

Mad Men won best drama, as expected.

I'm sorry I kinda failed with weekly Mad Men analysis but I promise I will talk about season four at some point... a lot of shit has happened in season four and I think it's been my favorite season so far. Roger Sterling taking no shit from the Japs, Betty Draper taking no shit from her daughter, Don taking no shit from Betty... damn... and I haven't even seen last night's episode.

Modern Family won best comedy, haven't seen it but I've heard good things.

Sucks that Conan didn't win for best variety show. I think The Daily Show has won that enough times. Seriously, they've won it every year since 2003. C'mon...

Everything else... bleh... but good for the folks on Breaking Bad for their awards and John Lithgow's amazing performance on Dexter deserves to be mentioned and honored, glad he won an Emmy for that.

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very nice love ya ~erin