Thursday, March 8, 2012

Can't mention PT Anderson's new film without mentioning Scientology?

Will this get more annoying the closer the film comes out or what? Every time I see a mainstream news source, or even a non-mainstream news source talk about PT Anderson's "The Master", the Scientology part seems to be the only thing of interest. Sure there were initial rumors that his film was going to be about that, but the script had a major re-haul so we don't really know what it is about. Why stir up the controversy? Why are we obsessed with that? Why not just be excited by the idea of a new Paul Thomas Anderson film and not get caught up in whether or not it has to do with Scientology. I just get the feeling that once the film does come out, people will be spending so much time trying to find the connections without paying attention to the movie itself.

At any rate, cigarettes & red vines reports that The Master is eying an October release date and with the Weinstein Company behind the distribution of the film, there'll either be a huge Oscar push or the Weinsteins will poorly mishandle this film because they're afraid mainstream audiences won't want to see it. I mean, how long has it taken The Artist to be released nationwide? The Master is going to be a different beast altogether.

Having said that, with The Master, Django Unchained, Cogan's Trade (or is it now called Killing Them Softly) on the Weinstein's plate this year, they really seem to have stepped up their game as of late. They're finally starting to look like Miramax when it was at its best, releasing as many challenging and interesting films as they were releasing mainstream Oscar-friendly fare. Either way, I can dig it. I mean look at the films they released in 2011: The Artist, The Iron Lady, My Week with Marilyn... no disrespect to the Artist, but it's pretty easy to see what the Weinsteins were going after last year.

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