Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Movie Poster Awards 2011 edition part 1

Call this three months late, whatever. Apparently my 2010 edition of best movie posters got quite a few page views so I'm hoping I'll get the same response this time around.

Movie posters are an artform in themselves. They're part of what sells the movie. The problem is that a lot of studios just make run-of-the-mill movie posters and don't think outside the box. In 2011, there really wasn't a whole bunch of great posters, but there were quite a few. The best ones this year had a great concept and stayed with it and the worst one isn't just from a bad photoshop, but because it just disgusts me.

So here are kenoncinema's winners the Movie Poster Awards, 2011.

Most Bad-ass Movie Poster:

A toss-up among these Drive posters...

All have a sleekness to it, a waft of coolness. The second one is an unofficial one, but still, the rest are ace.

Classiest movie poster:

Classy movie gets a classy poster. Makes sense.

Most mis-leading movie poster:

Trying to advertisement a Hunter S. Thompson book like the next Hangover movie? C'mon...

Weirdest and Coolest movie poster:

This is just beautiful, is it not?
sexiest movie poster:

There's an NSFW version of this one, but you get the gist. No other poster comes close to being as sexually suggestive. Oh, this is for Girl with the Dragon Tattoo if you couldn't tell.

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