Monday, April 30, 2012

The Director Watchlist

These are the directors I keep a regular eye on. They are on my radar. When I hear they're making a new film, it perks my interest. They're all in different stages of their career. Some of them are at near the end, some are just starting, some are right in the middle. Either way, I will update this watchlist whenever the previous starts to feel outdated.

director watch list

Paul Thomas Anderson, next film: "The Master" October, 2012
Wes Anderson, next film: "Moonrise Kingdom" May, 2012
Sofia Coppola, next film: "The Bling Ring" 2013
Quentin Tarantino, next film: "Django Unchained" December 2012
Jason Reitman, next film: "Labor Day" 2013
Alexander Payne, next film: "Nebraska" 2013
Darren Aronofsky, next film: "Noah" 2014
David O. Russell, next film: "The Silver Linings Playbook" November 2012
David Fincher, next film: unknown
Clint Eastwood, next film: unknown
Nicolas Winding Refn, next film: "Only God Forgives" 2012 or 2013
Lars von Trier, next film: "Nymphomaniac" 2013
The Coen Brothers, next film: "Inside Llewelyn Davis" 2012/2013
Alejando Gonzalez Inarritu, next film: unknown
Alfonso Cuaron, next film: "Gravity" November 2012
Pedro Almodovar, next film: "Los amantes pasajeros" 2013
Steven Soderbergh, next film: "Magic Mike" June 2012
Martin Scorsese, next film: "The Wolf of Wall Street" 2013
Steven Spielberg, next film: "Lincoln" late 2012
Edgar Wright, next film: "The World's End" 2013
Judd Apatow, next film: "This is 40" December 2012
Woody Allen, next film: "To Rome With Love" June 2012
Christopher Nolan, next film: "The Dark Knight Rises" July 2012
Terrence Malick, next film: "The Burial" (tentatively titled) 2012/2013
Noah Baumbach, next project: "The Corrections" (tv show on HBO)
Andrew Dominik, next film: "Killing Them Softly" September 2012
Ridley Scott, next film: "Prometheus" June 2012
Steve Mcqueen, next film: "12 Years a Slave" 2013
Guillermo del Toro, next film: "Pacific Rim" Summer 2013
Danny Boyle, next film: "Trance" early 2013
Neill Blomkamp, next film: "Elysium" March 2013
Peter Jackson, next film: "The Hobbit part I" December 2012
James Cameron, next film: "Avatar 2" 2014
Derek Cianfrance, next film: "The Place Beyond the Pines" 2012/2013

Obviously there are more directors out there, some who make films that I like. This list isn't made in gold, directors can be added anytime I want. This is just a general idea of what some of my favorite directors are currently up to. I'll revisit this again in June/July.

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