Monday, May 14, 2012

Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity pushed back to 2013

Alfonso Cuaron's new sci-fi film "Gravity" had its released pushed back to some point in 2013. It was originally slated for November 2012, but apparently the effects are still a long way from being finished so Warner Bros will push it back a few months. There had been some worries that poor test screenings made WB nervous about releasing this 3D film in the midst of the holiday season which makes sense since it's a brand new film and idea, it's not a brand name or a franchise. Even though it has Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, it doesn't matter how cool the movie winds up being, people may wind up skipping it over anyway. Is there a possibility it may not be that good? Impossible to tell at this point as the film is supposedly largely CGI and the test screening audience saw a very early version of the film. It makes you wonder why you would even bother showing such an early version when you know a lot of work needs to be done.

At any rate, it kinda sucks to see this pushed back as it made 2012 look like a really kick-ass year for film, but at least it'll help make 2013 even stronger. Honestly, knowing that the film is relying so heavily on CGI and was shot on 3D... I would rather the best, most finished version of the film come out than to have it rushed it and it winds up being not as good. Take your time, Mr. Cuaron, I'll be waiting for the film either way.

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