Monday, May 28, 2012

In other news...

New Django Unchained photos:
 More can be found here on AwardsDaily

Also, there are rumors floating around that a teaser for Django Unchained may appear before Prometheus when it comes to theaters on June 8th. Let's hope that's true!

Recent Palme D'or winner "Amour" directed by Michael Haneke has two new posters, you can view the other one here.

Tom Cruise apparently has seen Paul Thomas Anderson's new film "The Master" and has "issues" with it. (via The Wrap)

Speaking of posters, Dark Knight Rises has a few new ones, you can see the rest here. (via Coming Soon)

Director Lynne Ramsay has quietly established herself quite well first with 1999's "Ratcatcher" which is as brilliant a film about childhood and poverty as it is heartbreaking. Her latest was the just-as-disturbing "We Need to Talk About Kevin" which I still need to see. Now, apparently she's teaming up with Natalie Portman on a new film called "Jane Got a Gun." Check out the details. (Hollywood Reporter)

In release news, Ang Lee's new film "Life of Pi" has moved to November 21st.

Rob Pattinson and David Cronenberg are apparently gonna be the next director/actor duo to make multiple films together. After making Cosmopolis this past year that just premiered in Cannes, they reportedly are already making another film together. (RPLife)

Andrew Dominik took seven years between his first and second films and five years between his second and third. Well, after "Killing Them Softly" just premiered at Cannes, it looks like he's already planning on making his next film. A film about Marilyn Monroe. (The Playlist)

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