Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Marc Webb to direct the new Spider-Man movie?


Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new Spider-Man director. But why, Ken? Why are we even doing this? Wasn't three Spider-Man movies enough? Wasn't two Spider-Man movies enough, really? Well, we all know in Hollywood, you can't just have a sequel, you have to have a trilogy. If you're going to make a sequel, you better have a trilogy lined up. Those are just the facts. But what about after the trilogy? What about a fourth movie?

Surely there are other ideas, other comic book heroes to make movies about. What is it about Spider-Man that Sony has gone nuts for? Yes, it's a huge moneymaker but are we certain that fans of the first set of S-M movies won't be a little bit off-put from a re-boot? When they tried to re-boot the Hulk franchise, it was just... ok. But even then, most people disliked the first Hulk and it kinda flopped in the box office. The re-booted Hulk only made a little more than the first one. Was it better? Perhaps. But was it worth the trouble? That can be debated.

It's not that there's anything wrong with rebooting the franchise, but I don't feel like a re-boot was necessary. It's not like with the Batman franchise where there were different Batmans for nearly every movie, the four movies were split up by two directors, the last two movies were awful... that pile of filth needed to be re-booted. But with this, I just feel that this is rather strange move for Sony to make and I wonder if it will work out for them.

Marc Webb, first of all what an ironic name, right?.... he's an interesting choice for the next Spider-Man director and maybe he'll wow us all, but he's got some pretty big shoes to fill. I liked 500 Days of Summer and that was the first movie he's made. Going from that to Spider-Man is a pretty big leap. Then again, I was worried for Chris Nolan when he made the leap to the Batman franchise and he turned out just fine. So maybe Sony knows what they're doing here and the movie won't be coming out until 2012... but I'm bored of Spider-Man by now. Spider-Man was never the most interesting comic book character to me. Who knows though, right? Maybe we should wait it out and see what happens.

Anyway, why don't we just add Spider-Man in the new Avengers movie?

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