Saturday, January 16, 2010


Is there any position that's tougher to take right now than a pro-Obama position? Even an anti-Obama position is tough. If I'm pro-Obama, I'm ignoring the fact that he hasn't really done anything since he became president. If I'm anti-Obama, I'm on the same side as all the crazy right-wingers who believe he's Muslim and that he was born in Kenya. Nobody can just dislike Obama for his policies, they have to suspect that he's this evil black socialist that's destroying the country. But how? Everything that's been going on lately has been a result of Bush's last years in office. The problem is that Obama hasn't done anything to right any of the wrongs. Then you have a shoddy healthcare plan that, while it may be a minor step forward in healthcare reform, it sure is a big step back from what it was going to be.

The fact of the matter is that Obama has really done nothing. I've been trying hard to still support Obama because you still believe that he's going to get us out of this mess, but supporting Obama these days is a lot worse than supporting Bush during his years. Supporting Bush was a cakewalk no matter how badly he was doing. Apparently there was enough of a following from the conservative base that it didn't matter that he was bad. Sure, he had low disapproval ratings, but Fox News was still kissing his ass. Now, you can't go 15 minutes without some pundit making these ridiculous claims against Obama. And you know what's worse about it? Obama hasn't been doing a good job, that's actually true. But if you wanna take that position, you have to be in the same boat as those other crazies.

It's a confusing mess and it's gotten so bad that they're even using the Haiti earthquake as a way to criticize Obama. Obama wants to raise money to support the victims of Haiti, and yet Rush Limbaugh accuses him of using that tragedy to give himself higher approval ratings. Are you kidding me? Of course people will have a better opinion of him for doing that, it's the humane thing to do. I didn't realize that Bush's lack of response was actually a planned strategy to NOT get higher ratings. What is Obama supposed to do? No matter what he does, he'll be criticized so he might as well pursue the interests that he truly believes in. What he has to do is stop making these specific promises (like repealing don't ask don't tell, which is taking forever to become accomplished) and start doing the simplest things possible that will help him garner better ratings as a president. Obviously the financial crises and the issues with Afghanistan aren't going to help him, ratings-wise, in the future. But he has to do other things that will, in the very least, comfort Obama-supporters into thinking that they made the right choice on that historic Tuesday afternoon in November 2008.

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