Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall Festival season is closing in (part 1)

Let's take a look at what movies are playing where...

Venice Film Festival, August 29th-September 8th

selected movies list: (movie, director)
"Something in the Air," Olivier Assayas

After Summer Hours and Carlos, Olivier Assayas seems to have entered his prime. He's one of the most interesting foreign directors out there right now so it'll be interesting to see what he has to offer with this film.

"At Any Price," Ramin Bahrani

Some have called Ramin Bahrani one of the best and most original American directors out there right now. At Any Price is a drama starring Zac Efron and Dennis Quaid. It'll be interesting to see how his style meshes with these actors.

"The Master" Paul Thomas Anderson

If you've read the blog you should know I am very much looking forward to this one coming out in theaters. Ever since it was announced back in 2009, I have been waiting eagerly. Now we're so close to having it screened at a festival and then merely weeks later, we'll finally get to see it. I don't even know if I'll want to read the reviews coming out of the festivals (it's showing at TIFF as well), I've been avoiding all the early reviews coming out of the surprise screenings so far.

"Passion" Brian De Palma

Is De Palma back? I mean, he's been making films at a consistent rate all this time but he's lost his touch over the past two decades. The little teaser trailer that just came out isn't very overwhelming either, but it's a sexy erotic thriller from the legendary filmmaker. It could either be a welcome return to form or another dud.

"To the Wonder" Terrence Malick

After years of reclusiveness and then years of films coming out sporadically, it now seems like he's gonna have a movie coming out once a year. "To the Wonder" will be Malick's second film in two years and he's in the midst of shooting "Knight of Cups" and then he has yet another film he's planning on shooting later this year. To the Wonder might not come out in theaters until 2013 so it'll be interesting to hear what critics have to say about it when it hits Venice and TIFF.

There's also Harmony Korine's next film "Spring Breakers" but those five up there are the ones I'll be interested in hearing about coming out of Venice.

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