Friday, August 31, 2012

The best of the Toronto Film Festival line-up...

So what about Toronto?

Toronto International Film Festival (September 6th-16th)

selected films list:

Amour, Michael Haneke

Anna Karenina, Joe Wright

Argo, Ben Affleck

Cloud Atlas, Watchowskis/Tom Tykwer

The Company You Keep, Robert Redford

Frances Ha, Noah Baumbach

Hyde Park on Hudson, Roger Michell

Laurence Anyways, Xavier Dolan

Looper, Rian Johnson

The Place Beyond the Pines, Derek Cianfrance

Seven Psycopaths, Martin McDonagh

Silver Linings Playbook, David O. Russell

Something in the Air, Olivier Assayas

To the Wonder, Terrence Malick

Toronto always brings out the goods, it is a serious rival to Cannes Film Festival as there's a good blend of serious films that may have awards implications, more experimental/artistic smaller scale films, and occasionally some good ol' fashioned genre fare like with Rian Johnson's Looper. I wish I could be there, but I can't.

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