Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The first one sheet for Lincoln

So what exactly will we get from Steven Spielberg's newest film "Lincoln" which comes out on November 9th? We only have one poster (above) and a sneaking suspicion that Daniel Day-Lewis will once again wow us all with an amazing performance. But what tone will Spielberg take with it? How will it look? Nearly two months away and they've given us nothing. It seems like Spielberg wants to keep his cards close to his chest this time around. Will this be a serious awards contender or will it just get a few courtesy nominations and then be forgotten? That has been the case with Munich and War Horse, but this time around Spielberg's got Daniel Day-Lewis leading the way and it's a film about a President that is highly regarded by many historians. Reports indicate that this film will be about the last months or so over Lincoln's life. While not as high on my anticipated film list for the fall, I gotta say, the lack of trailer at this point has really gotten me intrigued. For sure, I will see the film when it comes out if just to see what will surely be a powerhouse performance, but I can be hot and cold with Spielberg when it comes down to it. We all know he's a Hollywood legend in many ways... can he strike gold yet again?

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